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Business Acquisition Flow

Making it easier to join Nextdoor as a local business.

Redesigning the business page creation flow. 

Launched June 2019

James Wang, Cori Leste

Increased casual business conversion from 16% to 55%, professional business conversion from 15% to 40%. 

Opening the top of the funnel 

Nextdoor's customer base comprises of enterprise and local business advertisers. Of the latter, there are two major revenue generating products: Real Estate and Local Deals. Both of these products rely on a sign up flow that involves account creation, onboarding and page claiming. I was responsible for redesigning the entire flow and was supported by another designer who worked on the initial body of user research. The new flow was launched in June 2019 (US) and July 2019 (International). It dramatically lifted conversion rates in every market especially in the US by 2-3x and made a significant downstream impact to our overall business.

Increase conversion from 15% to 30%

The page creation flow splits into two major branches, one for casual businesses like babysitters, lawn mowers and odd jobs. This cohort comprises on mainly existing Nextdoor users that just wants to get their name out there. The other branch for professional businesses is a much more complex flow that involve page claiming (taking ownership of a page) and verification (proving ownership of a business). The professional flow was especially important to tighten as these users have advertising spend and were experiencing the most issues in the old flow.

Page Creation Flow ChartPage Creation Flow Chart

It was important to visualize the flow as it involved multiple complex branches.

Dramatically more efficent acquisition funnel

Business page conversion is impacted by 2 major factors: verification and design. For the MVP no major changes were made to how we verify businesses so the resulting increases in performance were largely due to an improved flow with clearer navigation, calls to action and much better optimizations for mobile. 

•  16% to 52% for casual business flow
•  15% to 38% for professional businesses

These increases have been sustained and both make a huge impact to building a thriving local commerce ecosystem on Nextdoor. 

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