I’m James and I’m a Product Designer.

Originally from Vancouver and now based in San Francisco at Nextdoor. Let's Chat →

Nextdoor · Product Designer

Nextdoor is a private social network for neighborhoods. Shipped Neighborhood Favorites in Fall 2017 and generated 17 million new recommendations for the platform. 

Palantir Technologies · Product Design Intern

Palantir is a data integration company that helps industries solve their hardest problems. Worked on Gaia, a product that helps analysts interpret geospatial data.

Axiom Zen · Product Design Intern

Axiom Zen is a studio that builds companies like CryptoKitties, Zenhub and Timeline. I worked on building a new intellegent, contextual football app.

Hootsuite · UX Design Intern

Hootsuite is the de facto solution for brands to manage conversations on social and is used by millions of users. I designed UIs and did user research.

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